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Terms & Conditions 
Policies & Procedures

All clients MUST read the below terms, conditions, and operating procedures carefully. Please DO NOT just sign it. We suggest you save a copy to your phone. If you would like a printed hard copy, please ask and we will happily provide one.

As you all know we are a social facility that does not offer solo care, only mixed care and we pride ourselves on offering a service that not only clients can trust but that the dogs love too. We appreciate that some of our terms and policies listed below may seem harsh or extreme, but we must ensure that all the dogs (and our staff) we care for are safe, happy and enjoy their time with us.

Sometimes our system may appear to have space, but we may not be able to accept your booking. This may be for a variety of reasons. Examples: wrong size kennel for your dog/dogs. Staff to dog ratio. Late booking. Dog not fitting in with the group of dogs already booked in.

Any booking requests made after 8.00pm the night before or the morning of will be charged a £10 late booking fee if we accept the booking. We require time to ensure we are appropriately staffed, and late booking may not be accepted due to the staff to dog ratio/staff scheduled the next day.

We reserve the right to terminate any dog or clients use of our services at any time.
Examples: Abuse/rude to our staff. Your dog not enjoying the company of the other dogs. Late or missed payments. Dog disturbing the group. Dog humping or showing obsessive behaviour. Excessive barking. Aggression. Persistent late/early/out of hour drop offs or collections. Gate, fence, and kennel jumping. Damaging property.

We will not administer any kind of tranquilisers, sedatives, or anxiety medication (other than for storms/fireworks or similar). Any dog that needs prescribed Veterinary medication to be here isn’t happy and will not be permitted back.

Dogs that have minor illnesses or injury while with us will be treated by us accordingly and owner informed at pick up.
If the dog needs more extensive care or for dogs that aren’t feeling better in a timeframe we are happy with, the owner will be consulted, and a course of action will be planned together. If owners are not contactable in an emergency or when we would like to consult with them about a plan for sickness/injury we will try the owners emergency contact. If they are not reachable either we reserve the right to seek veterinary assistance on their behalf.
In the event of a true emergency, we will act appropriately, this may mean we seek Veterinary help before consulting owners. In this case we will proceed with treatment advised by the vet.
If euthanasia is necessary (determined by the vet) for whatever reason excluding behavioural (aggression) we will accept and act upon the vet’s advice. LitttleDogs is in no way responsible for any vet fee’s, YOU as the owner are responsible for all fee’s that may need to be paid.
We reserve the right to use our discretion regarding vet fees if we believe that we are responsible for the dog’s ill health.

Any dog that shows signs of illness, such as; Diarrhoea, vomiting, conjunctivitis, worms, must not attend our facility until they are 48 hours clear of their last symptom to avoid spreading the sickness.
Any dogs showing signs of a cough and/or sneezing must not attend for 14 days from their last symptom.
All changes to your dog’s health or temperament must be reported to us.
Your dog must be flea and worm treated appropriately. We suggest you sign up to your Vets ‘Health Pets Club’

All bookings for DayCare and Boarding are subject to a 25% deposit when booked. Any bookings that are not secured via deposit will be cancelled.
Cancellation policy:
DayCare- Any sessions cancelled within 24 hours of drop off will be charged at full rate. (We reserve the right to use our discretion in extreme circumstances)
Boarding – Bookings cancelled more than 7 days before drop off will have their deposit credited to their account. Bookings after the 7 days will not have their deposit credited. All bookings cancelled within 48 hours of drop off will be required to pay their bill in full. (We will use our discretion in extreme circumstances)

Any dog that may cause harm to another dog will be banned from our facility and you will be responsible for the injured dogs Veterinary care. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have been fully truthful about your dog’s behavioural history.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks before entering our premiss.
Evidence of Booster jabs must be provided every year for our records.
Vaccination against kennel cough is not required and is down to owner’s choice BUT any dog who gets Kennel Cough Vaccinations must not visit our facility for a MINIMUM of 14 days after. Failure to abide by these rules will result in action being taken.
When normal boosters are given, and Kennel Cough is NOT give, there is no need to keep your dog home and they may still visit us.
We take NO responsibility for your dog contracting any diseases while with us, it is your responsibility to ensure your dog is covered and vaccinated in time for all stays.
Lapsed Vaccinations will mean your dog will have to start all over again.
Titre testing can be accepted instead of yearly booster vaccination BUT a fully in date certificate must be provided.

Please inform us immediately if your Bitch is in season. If she is due to board with us we can take her but she will not be mixed with any other dogs, as per our License.
For dogs that are due in for DayCare, they will not be permitted while in season. (Payments/deposits will be credited to owners account)
Any Bitch being mated will not be permitted to attend DayCare or Boarding for their own safety.
Any Bitch who has whelped a litter must be cleared by a veterinarian before returning to DayCare/Boarding and puppies must be fully weaned.
It is your responsibility as the owner to have your Bitch spayed and we highly recommend that you do spay your dog for their own comfort and wellbeing.
Every effort will be made to prevent pregnancy, we cannot accept any responsibility should your dog become pregnant.

Due to us being a social facility and needing to ensure everyone’s safety all dogs must attend a minimum of one day/night every 6 months to be classed as a current client. Those wanting to book in again after the 6 months will be asked in for another evaluation (we will use our discretion where necessary).

We reserve the right to remove hair matts and do minor trims if we feel the dog needs it for their comfort or well-being.

We reserve the right to trim nails for the dogs health and the safety of our staff.

Your dog MUST be micro-chipped. We will require a copy of the micro-chip number (we can obtain this via our chip scanner). It has been the law since April 2016 to ensure your dog is microchipped. Please ensure when filling out our online form you include the micro-chip details. Please ensure that the micro-chip data base is completely up to date with your current contact details, name and address.

In the case of your dog becoming lost, we will do all we can to help find your dog, but we cannot be held responsible for any lost dogs.
We will contact all local vets, rescue centres, dog wardens and use social media to try and locate your dog.

It is your responsibility as the owner to ensure your dog is provided with enough food for their stay and an emergence ‘spare’ amount Is provided too. Please factor in any treats or titbits your dog would have usually at home and make sure they are given enough to maintain their weight.

Any dog not coming with enough food will be charged £1.50 per meal for small dogs and £3 per meal for Medium/Large dogs.

We are happy to give medication, but it must be in its original packaging, in date, prescribed to that exact dog and a medication form will be filled in. A charge per application may be invoiced at the end of the stay.

Extra care, we will give dogs a brush and wash off as and when required but any dog requiring more than just standard care e.g full head to toe intensive brush or teeth cleaning will be charged per time and invoiced at the end of their stay in peak times.

Pick up and collection time with a large group is our most hazardous time of the day. Dogs can sometimes get overly excited or protective and it can be dangerous.
Please follow our instructions at the Gate, as a rule of thumb please leave your dogs in the car and do not bring them up to the gate/fence before one of us collects them or we signal it’s okay to let them run in.
Please DO NOT peer into/over the fence, talk to the other dogs or hang around the fence.
Please remain on the gravel while we unclip their lead and only come up to the door to collect it from us. If you need to press the doorbell. Please press it and step immediately back.

Arrive promptly for your booked in appointment time if you are early or late please wait to be seen as we may be dealing with others who are on time or we may not have your dog’s stuff ready yet. We give a grace period of 15 minutes either side of a booked time. If you are going to be out of that time, please let us know. A late payment fee may apply.

All booking’s must be made online with Revelation pets. The link can be found using the ‘Book Now’ function on both Facebook and our Website.

Final payment must be made just before you drop off via the link in your emails, or upon arrival Via card machine. This includes DayCare, not just Boarding.

Please do not leave us bowls or leads as they get mixed up easily.

Please label your dog’s items to avoid confusion. We strongly suggest you do not bring too much stuff as it is easy to get mixed up or missed at pick up and we cannot be held responsible for lost, broken, or forgotten items. We have plenty of beds and blankets and we find it easier to provide our own because we can wash them as and when needed without confusion but we can accept client beds if preferred.

If you think your dog can climb 6 ft then unfortunately, we cannot house them.

By signing this contract, you give us permission to keep your information in case an emergency. We will not give out your information to any other people or businesses.

If your dog is not collected on time, we will do all we can to contact you and your emergency contact. If we have had no contact within 14 days, then the dog will classed as abandoned and become ours. We will then begin the rehoming process.

If you are dropping the dog off/booking them in on behalf of a family member or friend, then you are the responsible party for the dog/s and by signing this contract you are agreeing to all guardianship responsibilities listed above in the T&Cs.

I certify by signing this form I agree for picture and videos of my dogs to be posted online. Including, but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram or Website.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Important information 


Please leave your dogs in the car and do not bring them up to the gate/fence before one of us collects them. On a hot day please exit the car and stand under a tree in the shade.


All booking’s must be made online with Revelation pets. The link can be found using the ‘Book Now’ function on both our Facebook page and our Website.

Arrive promptly for your booked appointment time, if you are early or late please wait to be seen. Those who arrive on time will be prioritized. Please try to limit the amount you change your drop off and collection times (we obviously know that sometime this isn't avoidable) or our £5 fee will apply. 

Final payment must be made just before you drop off Via BACS or PayPal link in the invoice, or upon arrival Via card machine.

Please label your dog’s items to avoid confusion. Please do not bring bowls.

All changes to your dog’s health or temperament must be reported to us.

Dogs that show sickness, diarrhoea or coughing must not be dropped off if they have not been cleared by a Vet or are 48 hours clear from symptoms.

Suspected cases of Kennel cough must not attend any boarding stay or DayCare for AT LEAST two weeks from the last symptoms.

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