Terms And Conditions 

1. All dogs must be fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks before their first Daycare session or Boarding stay.

Evidence of Booster jabs must be provided every year.

Proof of their vaccination card must be provided for our records.

It is your responsibility to vaccinate your dog.

Vaccination against kennel cough is recommended but not required.

We take no responsibility for your dog contracting any viral diseases while with us.


2. We will always act in the best interests of your dog, including seeking veterinary advice if he/she becomes ill.

We will contact you immediately should your dog become ill.

If you cannot be contacted within a reasonable time, we reserve the right to seek appropriate and swift veterinary attention and proceed with treatment advised by the vet.

If euthanasia is necessary (determined by the vet) for whatever reason excluding behavioural (aggression etc) we will accept and act upon the vet’s advice.

We are in no way responsible for any vet fee’s, YOU as the owner are responsible for all fee’s that may need to be paid.

We reserve the right to use our discretion regarding vet fees if we believe that we are responsible for the dog’s ill health.


3. Please advise us IMMEDIATLY if your female dog is in season or due to come into season so we can keep them away from any other dogs. Under the new legislation brought out on 1st October 2018, a bitch in season must be kept away from all other dogs during her stay with us. For this reason, we request that daycare dogs do not come while they are in season unless it is absolutely the last resort.

Every effort will be made to prevent pregnancy, we cannot accept any responsibility should your dog become pregnant.

It is your responsibility as the owner to have your bitch spayed and we highly recommend that you do spay your dog for their own comfort and wellbeing.


4. Your dog MUST be micro-chipped. We will require a copy of the micro-chip number (we can obtain this via our chip scanner). It has been the law since April 2016 to ensure your dog is microchipped, due to this and dogs not Micro-Chipped on arrival will be chipped at a fee of £15. Please ensure when filling out our online form you include the micro-chip details.


5. Please ensure that the micro-chip data base is completely up to date with your current contact details, name and address. It is now law that we must put an I.D tag with our details on while your dog stays with us in case they get lost, so we will have to pop a collar of ours on containing our details.


6. All will be done to keep your dog safe and happy at all time during their stay.


7. Please write in the notes if you give permission to walk your dog off lead. Any walking requirements or restriction they may have. Please add any additional information that can ensue your dog is kept safe at all times.

In the case of your dog becoming lost, we will do all we can to help find your dog, but we cannot be held responsible for any lost dogs.

We will contact all local vets, rescue centres, dog wardens and use social media to try and locate your dog


8. Your dog must be flea and worm treated every 6 weeks and proof must be obtained.


9. I certify for picture and videos of my dogs to be posted on Facebook and our Website.


10. If you are more than 15 minutes late collecting or dropping your dog off and you have not prior warned us (and with a valid reason) a charge of £5 will be made for every 15 minutes thereafter. Additional charges may still apply if your collection or drop off time changes.


11. By signing this contract you confirm that if you have a male dog over the age of 8 months has been neutered. We cannot accept male dogs over 8 months old that are un-neutered.

Or 12 months with a written signed note from your vet stating why they cannot be neutered before 12 months


12. If you are booking a boarding stay a 10% deposit is required to secure your booking


13. Additional information we require under the new 2018 Animal legislation. Please add these details to your ‘notes’ section

Do you give permission for your dog to play with toys?    Yes   /    No

Dog you give permission for your dog to have treats?        Yes   /    No

Would you like your dog to play and be walked with other dogs   Yes   /    No

Would you like your dog off or on lead walked?                   Off Lead     /      On Lead at all times

Are they a jumper, escape artist or climber?                      Jump   /     Climb     /   look for escape roots



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