Booking your beloved best friend into a kennel or Dog DayCare centre while you are away on holiday, at work or in hospital can be a scary thing! They are our babies after all, but here at LittleDogs we try to go that extra mile to ensure it isn't scary or a chore, but a fun place to be. Our regulars enjoy their holiday just as much as their owners! 

We ask that you bring your own dog's food with you, this is vital to keep them happy and healthy. Not only does it help to maintain their own routine it also keeps their delicate little tummies in tip top shape!

If you feel your dog will be happiest with their own bed, blankets or even sofa cushion (yes you read that right!) from home then you can bring that along with them, if they don't have a bed (maybe they sleep on the sofa or your bed) then we can provide them with one while they stay. 


We understand that every dog is different and they all have different needs. If your dog wears a specific harness or coat while out walking then we are more than happy to carry on that routine while they are with us. Harnesses are great tools in helping to keep dogs safe and preventing pulling, but please do check the fit of your harness and if it is designed for your breed of dog.



The dog's spend their days playing with other dogs of similar energy levels, having lots of cuddles with us and having well deserved naps! They are given two walks a day of which we walk on all our own private land so if your dog loves a good run off the lead and has good recall we are very happy to let them run, be free and do what dog's do best! 


We pride ourselves on being a home-from-home style boarding kennels, we live on site so we are never far away and we never leave dogs from different households together unattended. 




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