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The New Romantic

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Engaging fun and relaxation to keep your dog active and happy.



1-on-1 Boarding: Tailored care for your dog in a private, cozy setting.


Social Boarding

Perfect for playful pups and sofa-loving companions alike!

We are a dedicated Countryside Dog DayCare Center and Boarding Kennel that values building lasting connections with you and your pets. Rest assured, your dogs will enjoy a cozy night's sleep in our well-maintained spacious kennels.
Dogs are welcome to bring blankets or a bed from home or we can provide them, the choice is yours. 

We believe in fostering strong connections that stay with us. By establishing a relationship with each dog, we ensure that their stay or day is not just a visit, but a home away from home.

Our commitment to your furry friends is evident through our strict policy of accepting only friendly, fully vaccinated dogs.For DayCare and Social boarding we provide a vibrant and engaging environment where your dogs can socialize, play, and thrive in supervised and carefully selected groups ensuring a memorable experience every time they spend the night or day with us.

For solo and low mix boarders we provide enriching 1-1 time with staff, sofa snuggles and paddock frolocks to ensure they are well exercised, appropriately stimulated and are ready for a good calm, cozy nights sleep. 

Choose us for an exceptional blend of overnight care and a loving daycare atmosphere for your beloved canine companions. We welcome solo boarding for those who visit infrequently, enjoy their own company or just need a safe, happy place to stay on their holiday. 

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