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Experience the best of both worlds here at LittleDogs “OrNotSoLittleDogs”, where tails wag and paws play in a safe and loving environment!

While we offer overnight stays with comfortable, large kennels for safe sleeping for your furry friends, we want to emphasize that we are not a standard boarding kennel.

We are a dedicated Countryside Dog DayCare Center that values building lasting connections with you and your pets. Rest assured, your dogs will enjoy a cozy night's stay in our well-maintained kennels, but our mission extends far beyond mere boarding.

We believe in fostering strong connections, which is why we encourage regular visits with a maximum time between uses set at 3 months. By establishing a relationship with each dog, we ensure that their stay or day is not just a visit, but a home away from home.

Our commitment to your furry friends is evident through our strict policy of accepting only friendly, fully vaccinated dogs.

We provide a vibrant and engaging environment where your dogs can socialize, play, and thrive, ensuring a memorable experience every time they spend the night or day with us.

Choose us for an exceptional blend of overnight care and a loving daycare atmosphere for your beloved canine companions. 

LittleDogs "OrNotSoLittleDogs" Welcomes you


Need To Knows - DayCare & Social Boarding

We are a social facility that provides DayCare as standard to our boarders. We offer limited solo/kennel only boarding, dogs must still be sociable to ensure everyone's happiness and enjoyment.

Dog Sleep overnight in their warm and safe kennel (photos on About Page). Only dogs from the same household sleep together overnight.

We only take on dogs who are good in social settings and enjoy both other dogs and human company

If your dog can be 'iffy' with other dogs in any way then we are not the facility for your dog.

We are not trainers, just qualified animal lovers who do their upmost to protect their staff, meaning we also do not take on dogs who are human aggressive. 

Dogs must be fully vaccinated yearly and proof must be shown.

We are currently not taking on any mature intact males. We are taking on Immature males that will be castrated at an appropriate age. 

If you have a dog that enjoys other dogs' company, is relaxed in human company and will be coming to us for boarding or daycare regularly (maximum 3 monthly) so that we can build a strong bond with them, then please get in contact for a meet and greet with Evaluation!

Opening Hours

Come and Play

Monday - Friday: 7am - 9.30am & 4pm - 6.45pm
Saturday - Sunday: 8am -9.30am & 4pm - 5.45pm

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