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We have made a big decision to close twice a year for staff holidays, to allow the paddocks to replenish and allow time for any major projects we may need to do. 
We will aim to close for the same dates each year * to avoid confusion. 
Please add these to your diaries so if you need care over these dates, you have sufficient time to find a suitable alternative. 
The dates will be blocked off online to ensure bookings aren’t made by accident. 
We have chosen the dates carefully so they don’t impact on client holidays over school breaks. 
We appreciate your understanding with our decision. 

**For this year only our March dates are different to fit in around bookings already booked and confirmed.

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Who can book and How?

Our dog has already had a meet and greet

  • Please click the 'Book Now' button above

  • You will be taken you to our booking system on Revelation pets

  • Login in or make an account

  • Choose either Boarding or DayCare

  • Select your date/s and times

  • Save your booking

  • Wait for your confirmation email

  • Let your dog enjoy their stay

My dog hasn't had a meet and greet

  • Ensure your dog is fully vaccinated up to date or has an in date Titre test

  • Decide what day you wish to meet us and times

  • We offer a trial day with meet and greet included or a 30 minute meet and greet at 11am or 3pm

  • Check your diary for avaible days and times

  • Call, text or email to book in

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