Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

What does 5 Star Council Rated actually mean?

We are fully Licensed and operate within the law. We are rated low risk with higher standards. 
We abide by a lengthy criteria to ensure that every dog we look after gets the best care and our facility is top quality. We also have valid insurance that ensures all dogs who stay are protected where needed. 

What makes Littledogs different to other boarding kennels?

  • We strive to make it a "holiday" for the dogs, and we encourage "dogs to be dogs" wherever safe.

  • Everyone is given the exact same experience, respect, love and attention, regardless of length of stay.

  • Offer a family run friendly facility that is loved by the dogs we look after.

  • We believe we are an ideal mix of home-from-home and kennels

  • All our guests have had their meet and greet which ensure we know all existing medical history, behaviors and play styles.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated to attend Littledogs?

What does a typical 24 hour boarding look like?

What does a typical daycare day look like?

How can I check on my pet during their stay?

For overnight, we have plenty of bedding, food and water bowls. Heaters for cold nights and air conditioning and fans for hot nights. 
You may bring your own bedding if you feel your dog would prefer it, you are welcome to provide a few toys to help them feel at home.

Your dog will be let out into one of our paddocks to stretch their legs and wake up, get their breakfast ( if they eat breakfast ) and join any daycare dogs we have in for socialization, games, relaxing sofa time and long walks. They will be out with us, supervised during the day apart from their 1 hour rest at lunchtime. 
They will get their dinner at the time usually given at home, and be shut into their separate bedrooms at closing for a good nights sleep. 
We live within earshot so are always on hand if we hear distress, and give them a final check before we go to sleep ourselves.

  • Your dog will arrive, join his dog friends, and we spend some time just making sure everyone is happy and getting along.

  • We do plenty of long walks (average two a day), in the fields on the farm, sometimes we visit the ponds, get nice and muddy and worn out. (Baths and fun drying where needed!)

  • Back at the center the dogs get more socialization, gentle games, sofa coddles and sometime basic training.

  • Lunchtime provides much need separate naps and a bite to eat if provided.

  • Dogs get extra naps when they need.

I have a puppy, can they attend daycare?

The easiest way to check on your pet will be to look on our facebook page! Typically, we take pics of all our guests enjoying their morning and post them up by lunchtime. 
If you require further checks, you can message us, and time permitting, we can snap a picture of them then and there to alleviate any worries.

Do I bring my dogs own food?

Absolutely! In fact, there may be no better time to start getting them used to other dogs, learning that vital dog language between each other, learning how to play and forming bond with other humans out side of their family home.
They will get tired quicker than adult dogs, and overstimulated easily, which we are trained to look for, and we give them some alone time to nap and relax before getting stuck back in!

Yep! Each dogs diet is vastly different and your dog will likely be very used to the food you give them. We have some basic dry food in case of emergencies, but you will need to bring your own dogs food, either with a measured scoop or portioned out. We have freezer and fridge space if your dog is on raw/meat. You don't need bowls though! We have plenty. 
If your dog is only here for the day, that's entirely up to you if they get their lunch or have to wait!

We will always act in the best interests of your dog, including seeking veterinary advice if he/she becomes ill.
We will contact you immediately should your dog become ill.
If you cannot be contacted within a reasonable time, we reserve the right to seek appropriate and swift veterinary attention and proceed with treatment advised by the vet.
If euthanasia is necessary (determined by the vet) for whatever reason excluding behavioral (aggression) we will accept and act upon the vet’s advice.
We are in no way responsible for any vet fee’s, YOU as the owner are responsible for all fee’s that may need to be paid.
We reserve the right to use our discretion regarding vet fees if we believe that we are responsible for the dog’s ill health.

Yes! Provided you trust us, and your dog enough! Some dogs just cant contain themselves and will always be a flight risk, we are more than happy to walk them on lead, and we have a huge, fully enclosed, grass paddock where they can run free. 
For everyone else, they can go mad and sprint about free in the feilds with us!

What is your hot weather protocol?

Do you walk dogs on or off lead?

We are VERY cautious when it comes to those heatwave days. We have a canopy to put up to ensure the dogs always have shade, several pools to fill with water they can splash in, cooling mats to lay on, air conditioning for inside, and most importantly, we will never walk the dogs or let them exhaust themselves during the hottest parts of the day.

My dog takes medication, is that a problem?

Not at all, we will administer any and all medications at the correct times, with or without food as needed. A small fee may apply.

Prescription only medication must have been prescribed to the dog receiving it and in it's original packaging. 

My dog has separation anxiety. Is that something you encounter often and how do you deal with it?

Yes, it's more common than you think, especially now with the pandemic. We ensure that all dogs are happy to say with us at their meet and greet first and foremost. If a dog is know to have bad separation anxiety we ask the owner to walk away/sit in their car for a few minutes. This allows us to evaluate if the dog feels comfortable in our company. If the dog seems settled, we would do a trial day. We find that due to the exciting day, most dogs are so tired come lunch or bedtime that they are happy to settle down for the night and forget about their worries. 
For some dogs, leaving the radio on over night helps massively as well. 

My dog isn't neutered/is coming into season. Is this an issue?

Please advise us IMMEDIATELY if your female dog is in season or due to come into season so we can keep them away from any other dogs. Under the new legislation brought out on 1st October 2018, a bitch in season must be kept away from all other dogs during her stay with us. For this reason, we request that DayCare dogs do not come while they are in season unless it is absolutely the last resort.

Male intact dogs will only be pair with spayed female dogs and placid neutered male dogs to ensure that all dogs are safe and happy at all times. 

What are your protocols with old dogs?

We will ask pet parents of older dogs to fill out our 'elderly dog' sheet. This covers important information we may need in case of the unfortunate instance that the elderly dog may pass away or require euthanasia or medication due to deteriorating health.

My pet is dog or human aggressive/reactive, is that a problem?

We MAY be able to work with dog aggressive dogs, for holidays (or occasional day boarding, not daycare) but a surcharge of £10 extra per 24 hours will be applicable.
Human aggressive dogs depends on circumstance.
There are a few smaller dogs with resource guarding issues that we have had no problems with, so come and be honest with us and we can see if we can help.
£10 surcharge does not apply to dogs already on a clientele list as of 01/02/20201.


All dogs must be fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks before their first day of Daycare or Boarding.

Evidence of Booster jabs must be provided every year.

Vaccination against kennel cough is not required and is down to owner’s choice. BUT any dog who gets the Kennel Cough Vaccinations must not visit our facility for a MINIMUM 14 days after. Failure to abide by these rules will result in action being taken.

When normal boosters are given, and Kennel Cough is NOT then there is no need to keep your dog home and they may still visit us.

We take NO responsibility for your dog contracting any viral diseases while with us, it is your responsibility to ensure your dog is covered and vaccinated in time for all stays.

Lapsed Vaccinations will mean your dog will have to start all over again.

Titre testing can be accepted instead of yearly booster vaccination BUT a fully in date certificate must be provided

What do you supply for overnight boarding?

What happens if you think my dog is sick/injured?