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Our Story

We are a wife and husband team with a small crew of dedicated dog loving humans. We opened in 2016 and we have proudly serving the Mendip and Somerset area since.

LittleDogs "OrNotSoLittleDogs" was created for one single reason, to provide dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs and humans the services and care that they need and deserve. We have started off offering DayCare. We then introduced Social Boarding at our clients request. Recently we decided to add in Boarding for all the dogs who don't want to be apart of group play or who come infrequently can still come and enjoy a holiday full of paddock fun and sofa snoozes with us humans! 
All dogs who Social Board with us get DayCare as standard. We absolutely love that the dogs who stay with us are having as much fun on their holiday as their owners are on theirs!


Mendip Council recognizes our exceptional work and care we provide with a 5 Star License (highest achievement), this we recently renewed at our mid term Spot inspection in December 2023.

We love nothing more than being with the dogs while they run and play and providing all the cuddles that they could ever need! 

This is made possible by our well thought out and designed facility. We have two large paddock areas for running, playing and sniffing that total 1/3 of an acres. We also have several covered concrete play yards complete with sofa's beds and climbing frames. We have a large 65 m2 inside playroom and two smaller inside playrooms which are all equipped with sofa's, beds, toys and plau equipment

We won The South West of England Prestige Awards for Pet DayCare Business 2020/2021. We are extremely proud and humbled by the recognition. It makes all the hard work we have put into providing a 5 Star Quality service even more worth it.

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