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Meet and Greet with Evaluation Explained

All dogs that wish to come to us here at LittleDogs for DayCare or frequent boarding are required to attend a meet and greet with evaluation prior to being able to book in with us.

This evaluation is charged at a half day of DayCare (£10 correct as of Jan 2023) and the dogs will arrive with you, their owners at 1pm.

You will stay briefly to allow us to ensure that your dog/’s are happy to be left and are not showing immediate signs of aggression or severe anxiety. We will also go through some details about your dog with you.

The dogs will then stay until at least 4pm to allow us to asses them in all the aspects below.

We have outlined some important information below, if your dog does not meet these criteria, please do let us know prior to your appointment.

We will brief you on how your dog has done when you come to collect them at your agreed upontime.


Why might a dog not pass or may be asked to do another evaluation

•Aggressive towards staff or other dogs

•Excessive behaviours,such as barking, sexual behaviours, water obsession

•Destruction of property

•Severe anxiety. Examples; upset in their kennel, pacing and trying to escape, gate chewing/ragging, cowering in the corner

•Cannot be distracted or redirected

•Rough playing,Examples;wiping other dogs out/bowling them over, nipping at other dogs, jumping on other dogs, completelydisregards other dogs' signals for space or calm

•Jumping or climbing

•Lead aggression

•Doesn’t respond to commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘down’, ‘in/out’ and is hard/impossible to move around our facility/lead up


All dog’s coming for their evaluation must be up to date with their yearly booster vaccinations.

An in-date titre test is acceptable, but the owner needs to be aware that you cannot titre test against leptospirosis and that is a required core vaccination.

The Kennel Cough vaccination is not a mandatory vaccine, and it does not cover all canine coughs and dogs are still susceptible to infection. We also ask that any dog receiving their KC vaccine does not attend our facility for 14 days following.

Please email us a copy of their vaccination or titre test prior to their evaluation. We require proof a minimum of 48 before your appointment, failure to send proof will see your evaluation appointment cancelled. Email

If your dog is showing any signs of illness or has any of the following symptomsthenthey must not attend our facility until they are at least 48 hours clear.

Diarrhoea, vomiting, green runny eyes, sneezingor are generally lethargic.

Dog’s who have a cough must be 14 days clear.

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Meet and Greet With Evaluation Request Form

Please answer the below questions as accurately and honestly as possible, with as much detail as possible. 

Please allow a few days for us to reply. Please check your junk/spam folder as unfortunetly sometimes our corespondance gets filter there. 

If you would like a quicker response time, please give us a call.

Due to being busy and having a large number of enquires due to multiple facilities locally closing down, we only be able reply to those who we feel will enjoy their time with us.

 Thank You

Reproductive Status
Vaccintion Satus
What care are you looking for? Pleas tick all relevant fields

Thanks for taking the time to submit!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

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